Faroh East Co.,Ltd. have never stopped the non-stop
development of policy and new  vision to protect and demolish
all termite, ant, rat, mosquitoes, fly, including other disturb animals
and pests. We pay attention on good service and the quality of
our work and also to respond the demand of the customers. When
our call center gets all your problems, we quickly go and solve the
problem is, or tell you more about the information as soon as

   Nature of the termite is normally stay in the place where very
humid, on the roof or the places where have wood for construction.
There are 2 ways to protect and demolish are...

   - Before build
which is the best way and the most efficient. This way is doing by
inject the chemical liquid through the pipes in every square meters
and also spray all over area. After that every 6 months we are going
to go back and check again, the warrantee may covers about 3-5
years, witch depends on the contract.

   - After Build
by perforating the floor to spray the liquid into the ground (except
high building and marble floor we are going to perforate just around
the building).We will spray the liquid into the ground about 5 liters
per a spot (in every 1-5 m.) including into big trees and in gardens.

   Ant and Cockroach
   Ant and Cockroach are the carrier of disease germs.
To way to eliminate ant is to spray liquid or use chemical
powder. For cockroach,  now we have the new effective
way, which is “Gel” we will put the gel around area that
found them such as in pipe, kitchen, dining room or
store-room. When cockroach eat the gel they are going
to go back and die at their nest. Then the fumigant that
still left in the cockroach corpse will spread to the other

   Rat is also the carrier of disease germs. The best way
to manage them is to know what kind of they are, so we
know where they actually live. After that we will use the
chemical bait at all the entrances including electric pips,
water pips, holes, and around the place.

   There are many ways to eliminate them

   - Eliminate their eggs in all the water areas
   - Use spray chemical in the area
   - Use smoking machine
   - Make sure not to leave the water stay in all utensils, because that’s
    the main cause of having mosquitoes in the area.

   The best way is to keep all the area clean including inside and
outside, stable, cattle pen, pigsty, and bin. All these area is the best
place for them to breed. The ways to damage them is to use the
chemical but depend on the places.

   - use chemical smoke at all area so the fly will suddenly die 
   - use chemical smoke at where they live
   - kill their eggs at the breeding area
   - put the powder bait around the bin, humid area, and all the trash

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