Faroh East Co.,Ltd.  Adress  567  Robmuang Rd., Mhagkang,
Muang, Udon Thani   The owner is an experienced and expert in this
type of business, Mrs.Surang Tubtim. 10 years ago, she was a sale
manager of Medical supply, liquid and tools of cleaning selling with
the Hospitals and some government offices for over ten year.

    Faroh East Co.,Ltd. has become establish in 1999. Mostly to respond
the service equirement especially in the North East area of Thailand.
Now we have over 600 employees.  Four main services of our company

  • Cleaning
  • Security Guard
  • Pest Control
  • Car Driver

    In the pass 15 years Faroh East Co.,Ltd. have been trusted  by many
organizations of both government offices and private sections such as
office buildings, banks , hospital school, college,factories , airport, law court
and department stores , etc. The company’s network covers northeastern
provinces of Thailand  (Nongbaulampu,  Loei Nongkai, Sakhonakon,
Nakonpanom, Mugdahan, Khonkan ,Chaiyapoom). Now we have over 600
employees and in the future we would love to expand our service cover all
areas in Thailand.





    Faroh East Co.,Ltd. has an excellent and potential
management team and work shop team. We also taking excellent
care and never forget to give the after sale service. The main goal
that we always keep in our heart is "We are going to be to best
in North East of Thailand"

    Although Faroh East Co.,Ltd. is not a franchise company from
foreign company,  we’ve never think that this is the weakness of our
company.  In the other hand, we are very proud to be the "Thai
Company for Thai people"
We serve our costumers like our
family members We want everybody stays in the safe place without
insect.  Regarding to the quality of safety we have security guards
who have the full skill training to look after all customers. We strongly
believe that Thai people can have a better quality of life by staying
or working in the nice and clean place which these constructors
most likely to influent on  better mental and work efficiency.


Our achievement published in a newsper and a magazine
- PRACHAKOM newspaper
- HOME CATV magazine

     Faroh East Co.,Ltd won the Best Toilet Cleaning of
Thailand in 2006,in the section of transport station at
Udonthani Airport


     Mrs. Arun Chunngam cleaning staff at Faroh East
Co.,Ltd , who used to work at Wattana Hospital had
dead by motorcycle accident on the way to work on
17 th January 2007
     Faroh East Co.,Ltd have gave the "Cremation
Foundation" for her mother which is about 36,450 Baht.



Faroh East Co.,Ltd.
567  Robmuang Rd., Mhagkang,
Muang, Udon Thani 41000
Tel : 042-347255-8
Fax : 042-347259

E-mail : ohyammy@hotmail.com

Faroh East Co.,Ltd.
Tel. 042-347255-8 / Fax. 042-347259

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